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Kosher Wigs vs Indian Wigs


Kosher Wigs:

KOSHER CERTIFIED WIGS are manufactured with rabbinic supervision verifying that no hair from India has been used.


Some authorities have questioned how Indian hair was being supplied through religious temples and whether the hair is considered an offering or a tithe.  


The particulars of the halachic (legal) rulings on hair from India vary widely according to the understanding and opinions of the leaders in each community. Please consult with your rabbinic authority for individual guidance in all halachic matters.



We also have wigs that we call B'Chezkas Kosher. These wigs are NOT certified. However, according to the manufacturers, they are made without hair from India.


More Information on Kosher wigs:

Related Information: Arutz Sheva - Israel National News Statement by The Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Horowitz (May 27, 04) entitled "Our Women of Valor be Praised".


AURA Custom Kosher Wigs Custom Human Hair Wigs


The Perfect European Human Hair Kosher Wig made just for you...


"This wig is FANTASTIC! I've gotten compliments every time I wore it, and people didn't even believe me that it wasn’t my own hair! This wig is super comfortable, airy, and light, and the hair is very soft."
- Shaina


"My husband adored it. It was a hit with entire family. It was so comfortable to wear and I received many compliments."
- Malka



Indian Wigs:

INDIAN WIGS are usually are made with a blend of hair from European countries and India.


Hair from India (sometimes called Remy hair), is generally similar in texture to European hair. People from India are Caucasians, and therefore their hair is finer in texture than most Asian hair.


Not all of our customers object to the use of hair from India. In fact, some prefer it.


There is a high demand for blending Indian hair in fine European wigs because:

  • it is known for fine texture & softness
  • it is more abundant and costs less
  • it is available in longer locks
  • it tends to be stronger and more durable
  • it is more natural as Indian women have not had their hair dyed or permed.



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